UK Group to hold solidarity rally for Nigeria Army, security agencies

By Monday Yahaya

International Human Rights Group, Global Peace Movement International (UK) said it will on Friday, February 1st, stage an international rally in Lagos, in order to draw local and international attention to the challenges presented by the lukewarm attitude of Nigerians towards the issue of security.

The group said while the Nigeria Army and other security agencies were capable of ensuring the protection of the country, that it takes the support and collaboration of everyone in or outside the country to get the job done of defeating insecurity, since the perpetrators of terror and insecurity to lives and properties lives amongst the people and not in outer space.

Speaking exclusively to on Thursday as part of the pre rally events, President General of the organization, Dr Mike Uyi, said it was important to note that Boko Haram is fighting the entire nation and people of Nigeria and not just the Nigerian Army alone.

According to him, the rally which has been themed “the Red Vest Rally is a total turn around maintenance of our memories towards humanity. The way we treat our heroes dead or alive is a total disgrace and disservice to all of us”.

The Global Peace Movement International President said the group will also use the opportunity presented by the rally to sensitize Nigerians on the reality that no member of the armed forces, police or DSS signed to die.

“They all signed to defend Nigeria not to die. Let no one take it for granted that they are there to die. Any nation without strong security forces or credible law enforcement agencies is a dead nation”.

Calling on Nigerians to rise up and support the security forces and safeguard the nation together, Dr Uyi said it is the right of all Nigerian to defend the Nigeria armed forces and provide for the families of those killed by Boko haram.

“Let’s expose their sponsors. Boko Haram members are not spirits. They eat, cook drink and buy petrol inside Nigeria. They have mechanics and repair their vehicles here in Nigeria, and we all know them, it’s time to expose them and their sponsors”, he added.

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