Don’t use Ibrahim Magu’s name for property acquisition, unusual favours, GPMI warns

Monday Yahaya, Abuja

United Kingdom based human rights group, Global Peace Movement International (UK), said it warning against attempts by unscrupulous individuals and groups dropping the name of the Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Ibrahim Mustafa Magu to secure unusual favours and buy properties in Nigeria and around the world.

According to the organization, effective measures have already been put in place in 24 countries, including the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom and the United States to ensure that doers of such acts are apprehended and made to account for their actions.

In a press release made available to journalists on Friday, the President General of Global Peace Movement International, Dr Mike Uyi, said such acts are mainly perpetrated by disgruntled politicians and business people who are out to throw spanners in the commendable work that the commission is doing.

The Global Peace Movement International President listed London, Dubai, Accra, Johannesburg, New Delhi, Istanbul, Cairo as amongst some of the major cities where the name of the commission and its leadership is being dropped to acquire properties and solicit favours.

Insisting that no one should be carried away by the words of those throwing around the name of Ibrahim Magu, considering that Nigeria and the international community is very proud of what the EFCC chairman has achieved, Dr Uyi said many of the perpetrators are those whose names have already been compiled by the commission as having cases to answer with regards to economic and financial crimes.

“Global Peace Movement International (UK) has traced most of these individuals and groups to about 24 countries, and most of them have already abandoned the plans. Whoever tries to use Ibrahim Magu’s name will be nabbed in 24 countries where our organization has its branches”, Dr Uyi said.

It would be recalled that the Chairman of the EFCC has recently raised the alarm over the illegal action of some people using his name to defraud innocent Nigerians under the guise of securing favours from him.

“I have and will never instruct any relation or officers and men of the commission to engage in any business transaction or wield influence in cases or investigations before the commission”, the chairman had said.

According to Magu, the general public must also be wary of certain dubious people who are dropping his name for non-exiting jobs or favour.

“My attention has just been drawn to the latest despicable activities of certain disgruntled elements in our society who have decided to drop my name in order to defraud unsuspecting members of the public over non-existing jobs and unusual favours.

“I wish to say with high sense of responsibility that I have never authorized any officer or men of the commission, including my relations to engage in any business transaction or promise jobs for gratification.

“I wish to further inform the general public that recruitment of officers and men into the commission is strictly on due process. Therefore, I advise the general public to beware of impersonators that are peddling unfounded information about my humble self and the commission”, the EFCC Chairman said.




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