France Protest, shame to western world- Global Peace Movement International

International human rights organization, Global Peace Movement International (UK), has condemned the protests in France where hundreds have been injured and billions of dollars’ worth of properties destroyed.

The Group said the protest was not only undemocratic, but also a shame to the western world that such barbaric acts could happen in this day and age.

President General of Global Peace Movement International (UK), Dr Mike Uyi, told exclusively that his organization was warning the so called yellow vest protesters in France to desist from all violent forms of protests.

Dr Uyi said Global Peace Movement International has for over 30 years supported peaceful protests around the world, adding violence and vandalism has no place in a civilized world.

According to him, the yellow vests protesters in France has violated the rules of civilized protests, and has taken it to the most primitive stage ever in a western model.

“Global Peace Movement International (UK) is also warning the United Kingdom Government to take a harsh treatment against the so called Nazi group that recent posted racist and terrorists comments against some of the British royals. These punitive examples should be shown to the public. The era of racism is gone forever”, Dr Uyi said.

He explained that the organization has already suspended 5000 of its members in France over the France protests, while insisting that action of the protesters were totally undemocratic.


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