New PDM National Chairman Emerges

The People Democratic Movement, (PDM) said the party has a date with destiny; is set to chart a new course for Nigeria to regain its lost glory, and totally committed to offering Nigerians a new deal in all aspects of national life.

National Chairman of the party, Chief Frank Igwebuike, stated this during the inauguration of the National Advisory Council, (NAC), of PDM in Abuja, saying Nigerians as can be seen from the widespread lamentations in the land, are tired of political parties and politicians whose provision of solutions to national problems are only on the pages of newspapers.

Igwebuike said the PDM has therefore come as the fourth Force to take Nigeria out of the woods in what he said are troubling times of nigerias political history.

The pdm chairman noted that nigeria has been experiencing the evolution of of a promising democratic republic since 1999,adding however that nigerians have yet to attest to genuine dividends of democracy that adds value to their lives. He said sucessive governments have only brought more disappointments and the country is yearning for a treue democratic impact.

“ we believe the time has come for a true government of the people for the people. This is no more time for guess work and estimates in governance. Our government shall be based on research and genuine statitics as s obtained in the developed countries of the world”.

According to him, Nigeria is today sitting on a goldmine which if not utilized can turn into a time bomb. He sai the country though blessed with a teeming youth population is not usefully engaged, pointing out it is the mission of pdm  to harness these untapped potentials and turn them into national treasures by introducing enabling policies and establishing vocational and technical knowledge hubs and centers of excellence.

“PDM believes with the youths available for a fresh and hopeful vision that a new Nigeria is possible. Therefore we are calling on all youths and every patrotic Nigerian to join us in facilitating the rebirth of our great country, the pride of Africa.

“ We shall bring on board a credible leadership and enduring political principles, based on internal democracy and respect for diverse ideas and alternaive views, since leadership is all about transparency, accountability and discipline built on strong institutions and enduring infrastructures”, the PDM chairman added.

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