Levitical Worshippers Ministry Set to Develop Nigerian Gospel Musicians, Artists

The Levitical Worshippers Ministry, a not for profit gospel-based organization devoted to improving the lots and lives of Nigerian and African gospel and worship musicians said, it will expand its activities and partner with relevant stakeholders in order to take Nigerian musicians and gospel artists to the next level.

The group said it will also expand on its already ongoing commitments to charities, scholarships and support for the needy and less privileged in Nigeria and around the continent, so that people can get to experience the love of God which is made practical in the ability to share and give.

Speaking in Lagos when they hosted gospel musicians and artists from all over the country during its Salt and Light Programme, the President of Levitical Worshippers Ministry International, Mr. Paul Umoh, said it was important to take the mission and message to every nooks and crannies of the country.

He said the aim of the event is to add value to the Christian worship experience, pointing out praises and worship can achieve in one hour, what prayers cannot achieve in one week.

Umoh explained the event features a collection of youth groups from various churches and denominations, pointing out Levitical Worshippers Ministry has single handedly shouldered the responsibility for the vision since its inception many years ago.

Calling on individuals and organisations that are led to key into the vision, the Levitical Worshippers Ministry president said the group is ready to collaborate and partner with stakeholders, so that the love and message of God can be expanded, since the overall objective of the vision is about the future of the youths and how to catch them young and early for God.

“Salt and Light is a ministry for worship musicians and gospel artists. It is about bringing youths to God early in life so they can grow and develop their careers in a way that will continually bring glory to God”, Umoh said.

Describing the place of gospel and worship musicians in everyone’s physical and spiritual lives as special and unique, Umoh said throughout biblical history, that the Levites and the musicians have always been recognized, hence the burden was on all to ensure that unique and special place of musicians is recognized.

Urging the youths, gospel artists and musicians who attended the event to imbibe and display godly virtues at all times, the Levitical Worshippers Ministry president said they can at any time, make use of the multi-million-dollar equipments which the group has bought to improve and develop their talents and careers so they can bring glory and honnour to God and country.

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