Conjoined Twins: Group Commends FG, Health Minister on FMCs Successes

The Executive Director of Media Against Impunity Nigeria {MAIN NGR}, Mr. Meshack Idehen, said the Federal Government and the Health Ministry must be commended over the visible developments in Nigeria’s healthcare system.

He said this call has become necessary because of the string of heartwarming feats that has been recorded in the healthcare sector since the current administration came on board, particularly on the amazing accomplishments that have been recorded by medical facilities owned by the federal government of Nigeria.

Speaking in Abuja on Sunday, Idehen said the worthy investments made in the health sector by the current administration of President Muhammadu Buhari,  has more than yielded results, as can be seen from the recent successful separation of the Siamese twins at the Gwagwalada Teaching Hospital and the National Hospital Abuja.

The MAIN NGR director explained this was not the first time such remarkable medical exploit was being recorded under this administration, as it was on record that another set of formerly conjoined twins who are currently doing very well, were successfully operated upon and separated by a team of Nigerian specialists led by Professor Auwal Abubakar at the Federal Medical Center in Yola, Adamawa state.

According to Idehen , since coming on board as Nigeria’s Minister for Health, even critics of Africa’s healthcare system has consistently given it commendations to Nigeria’s Minister for Health, Professor Isaac Adewole, for his wholistic, exemplary and commendable leadership and approach towards managing Africa’s largest and most complex  health system that is Nigeria’s.

“The minister has fulfilled his and the governments side of the healthcare bargain by these and so many more achievements; setting out new and long lasting agendas that has moved Nigeria’s healthcare system forward in the right direction, and has given Nigeria and the continent a place on the table of global health discussions and policies”, Idehen said.

“Under this administration and the minister’s watch, the Federal Ministry of Health in Nigeria has developed the most ambitious health programme in Africa to achieve Universal Health Coverage, using primary health care as the fulcrum, even as the programme has surpassed and provided over 10,000 functional primary healthcare facilities in Nigeria covering every political wards, thereby providing access to basic essential health care to 100 million Nigerians or more.

The MAIN NGR executive director explained that strong and independent citizens’ groups play an important role in ensuring that government, health care institutions, and health programs are held accountable to the communities they are designed to serve.

“ We are lucky to live in times where we have a minister of health who is courageous enough to make very specific promises on what he intends to achieve and has achieved them”, Idehen added.

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