Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu’s Message To Lagosians Today

Dear Lagosians,

I understand the concerns and challenges faced by our citizens during these growth and transformational times. In response to the effects of the fuel subsidy removal, I’m introducing a series of measures for economic and humanitarian relief.

From Wednesday, we’re implementing a 50% fare reduction on all Lagos Buses, easing the burden on commuters across the city. In collaboration with the bus unions, 25% of all yellow buses (danfo) fares will be communicated officially by the unions.

Additionally, I’m pleased to announce a 50% fare reduction on all LagFerry routes. This will provide more accessible and affordable transportation options for our residents.

Recognizing the importance of affordable healthcare, I’m directing our General Hospitals to offer free ante-natal services and delivery; normal and C-section services. This is ensuring the health of our families are taken care of without worrying about financial constraints.

Our dedicated Lagos State Workers are vital to our progress as a state. To support you during this transition, we’re expanding the fleet of Staff Buses for our public service employees. Your well-being is top priority.

Standing in solidarity with the vulnerable in our society, we’re providing direct food relief through various stakeholders – CDAs, Religious Groups, etc.

Let’s come together as one family during these times of change. I promise that these are only the first steps in our commitment to uplifting our people.

Stay strong, Lagos. We’ve got this.

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