Why Tinubu Shouldn’t Appoint Ex Northern Governors Ministers

By Ezra Odogu

Some members of the All Progressives Congress (APC) who belong to the Northern Progressives Union (NPU), say President Bola Tinubu should not appoint any former governor from the north as minister.

In a statement on Monday, Mohammed Ibrahim Kiyawa, spokesperson of the group, said some former northern governors who ended their terms in May, do not have the capacity to effect any change and contribute meaningfully to Tinubu’s administration.

Kiyawa said some of the former governors allegedly worked against the APC during the general election, adding that states like Jigawa, Yobe, and Zamfara did not muster the required votes for the ruling party.

“They are all spent forces and disgruntled so-called leaders who don’t fit into today’s reality of the present vision of the Renewed Hope mantra of the present administration,” he said.

“We are the foot soldiers of the APC in this part of the country and therefore making a categorical statement urging Mr President and the APC as a political party…do not entertain the idea of nominating any of the former governors from the region in the incoming cabinet as they do not have the required capacities and capabilities to drive the process.

“Our demand is legitimate and is consequent upon the misdeeds of some of them during the 2023 general elections where most were moles and fifth columnists used by the opposition parties.

“And in most cases, funds given to them for elections were personalised and kept for self-serving purposes.

“While President Tinubu was mobilising at all levels, a former governor seeking ministerial nomination could not deliver votes from his area.”

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