Nissan May Suffer $1bn Net Loss Due To COVID-19

By Ebenezer Ishola, Abuja
Nissan, already reeling from plunging profits and sales before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, is warning that the global outbreak could deliver a net loss of close to $1billion.
Nissan will sink to an operat­ing loss of between 35bn yen to 45bn yen ($324.6m and $417.4m) and book an even worse net loss of between 85bn yen to 95bn yen ($788.4m to $881.2m), the auto­maker said in a release, recently.
Nissan’s latest profit warning marks its third profit revision for the fiscal year ended March 31. Nissan’s prior forecast predicted operating profit would fall 73 per cent and that net income would plunge 80 per cent. But, that now-scrubbed guidance still called for razor thin profits.
The automaker blamed the re­vision on the pandemic’s impact on sales and the possible booking of a one-time charge.
Nissan’s global sales fell 43 per cent in March and were down 13 per cent for the first three months of the year. Further hits came from provisions for Nissan’s sales finance business.
“The deterioration in operat­ing profit includes impacts from the decline in sales of vehicles and parts of approximately 90bn yen ($834.8m),” Nissan said. “Nis­san anticipates additional time to finalise the results and is cur­rently reviewing the precise fi­nancial impact,” the automaker said.
Nissan said it will postpone the announcement of full fis­cal year results until May 28. It had earlier planned to announce earnings mid-month.
Nissan said the most recent profit warning does not include the impact of a revision of the company’s mid-term business plan.
That plan, to be coordinated with alliance partners Renault and Mitsubishi, was also expect­ed to be announced later this month. Nissan said there may be additional one-time costs as­sociated with the revision of the mid-term plan.
Renault said its global sales plunged 26 per cent to 673,000 units in the January-March quarter, pushing revenue down 19 per cent. Renault had earlier suspended its full-year profit guidance.
Mitsubishi warned that it will also slump to a net loss in the fiscal year ended March 31 and book an 89 per cent tumble in op­erating profit. It said it would cut executive pay almost in half.

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