Updates On The Katsina Talent Hunt Challenge

By Obinna Amaobi

The Katsina Talent Hunt Challenge is a talent hunt competition meant to showcase the various talents in Katsina.

It is also inviting other talented people, particularly youths, from other parts of Nigeria to enter into the challenge.

In an updated statement by the Director General of the Katsina Public Exhibition Innovation Center, Mr Faisal Rafindadi, emphasis on the areas of design innovation, creativity and passion will be considered as Katsina state seeks to provide opportunities for talented individuals.

Rafindadi said the talent hunt challenge will serve as a wonderful platform for talent discoveries, which otherwise would not have a chance to showcase itself. The challenge, he said, will also feature people from all walks of life,as all ages, gender amongst others will be allowed to participate.
Rafindadi explained while only a handful are truly talented, that most of the potential applicants must remain hopeful that the judges perceive them as worthy of the challenge.


He noted also that the current craze for talent hunt in the country has become unprecedented; an observation that influenced the decision to invite participants from all strata of the society who are hungry for fame and success, and view the competition as their chance of getting out of a mundane lackluster life.

Urging would be applicants/contestants to brace for the tough contests ahead of them, Rafindadi said for some it is about instant glory, while for many others, it is about a chance for a better life.

“ The talent hunt show makes sure to glorify the contestants in the build up to the finale, but all is not gold afterwards, as has been discovered by many winning contestants winners must continually work hard to ensure they remain the best in the areas of their callings”, he noted.

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