Book Launch: “Nature’s Talk” Will Encourage Reading Culture In Nigeria

By Ebenezer Ishola, Abuja

Nigerians must imbibe the culture of continually reading books so they can get new and different perspectives to ways to life.

This development is coming following the recent launch of the book, “Nature’s Talk” intended to enrich and encourage the reading culture of Nigerian youths, particularly in the northern region.

Written by Mrs. Aisha Ahmed Idris, “Nature’s Talk”, comprising a collection of poems and poetic articles, according to the author, increase creativity, imagination and improves memory.

“Reading through the collection of poems and articles increase the desire towards achieving goals and exposes the reader to new things, new ways, new understanding, new information and makes you realize and understand the world and yourself in a different way.”

Reviewers at the book launch described “Nature’s Talk” as a book that can make you want to explore things which eventually becomes your success in future

The book is the second work by Mrs. Aisha Idris, who was born in Gusau, Zamfara in northern Nigeria, and graduated from the Uthman Dan Fodiyo University in Sokoto with a degree in Botany. Her first book, “Metallic Feet” was first published in 2015. She is married to Mr. Abdulahi Mustapha Sani, whom she acknowledges as a major source of inspiration and support.

“Reading through “Nature’s Talk” helps you to understand yourself differently and opens up your mind. It helps you accept the changes in your life, and makes you understand the different positive aspects of life. The book will help you understand the world more properly.”

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