NADDC, Katsina Government To Partner On Automotive City Development

Obinna Amaobi, Abuja

The National Automotive Design and Development Council, NADDC is set to collaborate with the Katsina State Government, North West Nigeria to set up a modern Automobile Mechanic Village.

The Governor of the State, Alhaji Bello Masari, during the Design Presentation of the Automobile Mechanic Village said there was need for the project because transportation was the backbone of any economy.

He spoke on the need for policies to be put in place to stop the importation of worn out vehicles in to the country to avoid accidents on the Nigerian roads.

The governor said the issue of training is key to the proposed project, saying however there are more areas than training that the NADDC can come in and partner with the state government.

“ The youths are all over the country, you can only train somebody who is trainable that means you can only train somebody who has an educational foundation, there are so many areas you can look into to see how you can help States to develop the kind of man power that would be suitable,” he stated.

The governor urged the Council to involve other State government into the project to improve transportation sector in the country.

On his part, The Director General of the National Automotive Design and Development Council, Mr Jelani Aliyu stated that in diversifying the economy away from oil, the Council plays a strong role because of its capabilities of creating direct and indirect jobs.

Speaking on the Auto Policy, the NADDC director general said this is a set of physical incentives to promote local production as opposed to bringing in vehicles from overseas.

“The auto policy has just come out of national assembly and all we are waiting for now is the President’s assent for it to become a law and ones that happens big companies like Volkswagen that we signed an MoU with last year are ready to come in and invest big time so also is Nissan and other big players.

“What is also been done is to stop smuggling, all land borders have been closed all vehicles now have to come through the ports which ensures that  only legitimate vehicles would be allowed in to the country, we are building our data repository any vehicle that comes into Nigeria through Lagos would be imputed into that data base”.

Aliyu said that the council was ready to collaborate with the State to create a world class mechanic village and also get the right expertize in terms of training by sending Students to advanced countries to get trained on new technologies.

“NADDC also gives out loan to companies that are setting up so far we have given out loans total 11billion naira to about 36 companies and to show that they are doing well about 20 companies have repaid their loan of 7billion naira,” he added.

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