MAIN NGR Urges Buhari To Appoint Competent Ministers, Aides

Ezra Odogu, Abuja

The Executive Director of Media Against Impunity Nigeria, Prince Meshack Idehen, said it was important for President Muhammadu Buhari to appoint or reappoint ministers and aides who will deliver on his agenda and protect his legacies.

He said the president should not appoint or reappoint those who could not deliver their units or wards in the last general elections, saying only those who had the capacity to build the party to retain power in 2023 should get sensitive appointments.

In a statement to journalists in Abuja yesterday, Idehen said APC will be roundly defeated in the next general elections if people who aren’t in touch with the grassroots and couldn’t deliver their immediate units and wards are appointed as ministers.

According to him, If elections aren’t won, political appointments cannot be made, adding it was therefore imperative that prospective political appointees, particularly ministers should tender the election results of their respective units and wards.

“This was the policy of Chief Obafemi Awolowo to the effect that his parties (Action Group and UPN) had firm control over the entire Western Region,” Idehen explained.

The Media Against Impunity executive director also urged the president to base his appointment on talents from professions with relevant knowledge and experience to drive appropriate ministries, Departments and Agencies.

“To achieve the best results in the delivery of government businesses as it were, it is important for the president to plant round pegs in round holes. In addition to having the best talents in the drivers seats, emphases must be put on the set goals of government to which each arm of government must submit, with discern-able plans to realize.

“This will ensure orderliness and consistency in the perception, formulation and implementation of government policies toward the apex goals,” he said.

While commending the Federal Government over the various steps so far taken in managing the nation’s economy, he pointed out that more can be achieved faster by raising a concerted economic team comprising hardcore professionals in various fields to assist with more options based on knowledge and experience.

According to him, Media Against Impunity Nigeria is ready to partner with the federal government to ensure quality, efficient and effective service delivery.

He commended the government over its efforts in diversifying the economy and recommended investment in infrastructure to ensure sustainable growth.

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