Nigeria Now Has Opportunities To Interact With The Best In The World- Jelani Aliyu

The Director General of the National Automotive Design and Development Council, (NADDC), Mr. Jelani Aliyu (MFR), said these are very exciting times for Nigeria, as the country can now leverage on advanced technology to leapfrog and dynamically enhance the lives of the people, to lift millions out of poverty, to create abundance, peace and prosperity.

He said these developments are being brought about by exponential advances in the sciences, art and technology, that can in effects be described as the fourth industrial revolution.

Speaking while presenting a Keynote Address during the 2018 Nigerian Auto Journalist Association Awards Ceremony in Lagos on Thursday, Aliyu said the world is now in an unprecedented era of ever growing interactions between technology, art, philosophy and phycology, creating opportunities never before imagined or experienced in the history of humanity.

The NADDC director general said even though the country for the most part had missed out on the first three industrial revolutions; that the NADDC is dedicated to developing the Nigerian automotive sector, and is committed to the quest to provide the best for Nigerians, pointing out that the federal government and the NADDC are committed to engaging and supporting some of the world’s best car manufacturers to set up operations in Nigeria.

According to Jelani Aliyu who is considered an international expert and authority in global transportation and automotive designs and solutions, the first industrial revolution saw the emergence of steam engines and mechanization; the second brought about electricity and mass production, while the third industrial revolution brought about electronics and abundant power sources.

“We are now in the fourth industrial revolution, characterized by digitization, virtual realities and an enhanced human consciousness dedicated to the sustainability of the world’s natural ecosystems”, the DG explained.

He noted that  with three dynamic mega trends; namely, vehicle electrification where fossil fuel is being phased out and all mobility will be powered by electricity, batteries and hydrogen fuel cells, autonomy, where vehicles will pilot themselves, and ride sharing, which will completely change the vehicle ownership and usage model, that opportunities for new transportation solutions that are more exciting than ever before, transportation solutions that although more sophisticated are actually simpler and, more durable and easier to maintain will become domiciled in Nigeria.

“For example, an electric vehicle has far fewer moving parts than an internal combustion engine, and hence less things to go wrong, the electric motor is virtually good for a million miles. This is good for Nigeria”, he explained.

The director general said it was for these reasons that the Council is already in discussion with international stakeholders in the field of vehicle electrification, in order to get started with an electric vehicle pilot program so as to better understand the viability, challenges and opportunities.

“We have met and discussed with both electric vehicle and charging station manufacturers and stakeholders in China and Germany towards the pilot program”, he told the packed hall.

“The electric vehicles program will have three components. Vehicles, charging stations and training/maintenance”, he added.

He pointed out that NADDC has also signed an MOU with Volkswagen to produce vehicles in Nigeria, noting Volkswagen is Europe’s largest auto manufacturer and it is very serious about electric vehicles and other new mobility solutions.

“As we position ourselves to provide the best for Nigerians that’s the type of partnership we need for our nation. Volkswagen has just started producing cars in Rwanda, and our intention is for them to do it on an even larger scale here in Nigeria”.

The director general said as of today in Nigeria, that a number of automotive producers are producing thousands of vehicles, employing thousands more, and adding value to the Nigerian automotive ecosystem.

“The commitment and dedication of these local producers is immeasurable, the NADDC is committed to work even closer with them to ensure a strong win-win for them and the Nigerian people”, the director general said.


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